Declaration of Living Status

Lodgement Form

    I the undersigned certify that the information indicated on this form is true and accurate. I further certify that the Declaration of Living Status is to be recorded by the People’s Court of Terra Australis for preservation in the Book of Deeds.

    ‚ÄčI understand that by submitting this declaration online, I have agreed to the electronic autograph below and that this application shall have the same legal effect as if made under oath. I am also aware that by submitting false information on this application I would be guilty of committing perjury, for which I may be prosecuted. I accept full liability for this submission.

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    Given NameMotherFather
    Michelle Joy
    Josephine Diana
    Neville Stewart
    Katherine Dawn
    Helena Carol
    Alan Alvin
    Amanda: Maree
    Amanda: Maree
    Amanda: Maree
    Steven Gregory
    Helen Leslie
    Maxwell Sydney
    Michelle Dorothy
    Blanche Margret
    Wayne Anthony
    Amanda Maree
    Merle Florence
    William Carl
    Leon David
    Irene Evelyn
    Robin Francis
    Catherine Denise
    Moya Millicent
    Fredrick John
    Paul Russell
    Idora Philomena May
    Russell Albert
    Catherine Denise
    Moya Millicent
    Fredrick John
    Richard Jose'
    Marion Elizabeth
    Jose' Luiz
    Jace Boyd
    Jace Boyd
    Robert Adam
    Isabella Sophia
    Isabella Sophia
    Albert Adam
    Jason Scott
    Wendy Francis
    Alan Neil
    Deborah Merle
    Glenyse Merle
    Neville Wesley
    Kim Elizabeth
    Beryl Elizabeth
    John Alan Alexander
    Caroline Joy
    Doreen Isobelle
    Earnest George
    Kathryn Joan
    Pamela Mary
    Michelle Ashley
    Linda Christine
    Patrick Rodger
    Angela Barbara
    Douglas John
    Sylvia Elisabeth
    Robert William
    Constance Ann
    Edward Leslie
    Janis Pearl
    Betty Irene
    Reginald Colin

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