Declaration of Living Status

Lodgement Form

    I the undersigned certify that the information indicated on this form is true and accurate. I further certify that the Declaration of Living Status is to be recorded by the People’s Court of Terra Australis for preservation in the Book of Deeds.

    ‚ÄčI understand that by submitting this declaration online, I have agreed to the electronic autograph below and that this application shall have the same legal effect as if made under oath. I am also aware that by submitting false information on this application I would be guilty of committing perjury, for which I may be prosecuted. I accept full liability for this submission.

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    Given NameMotherFather
    Christian Lee
    Peter Brian
    Adriana L.
    Colleen Margaret.
    Lee David
    Cheryl Faye
    Rodney David
    Rainer Johann Adam
    Max Walter
    Jessica Maree
    Nicole Maree
    Scott Michael
    Grace Matilda Laura
    Bernadette Frances
    Grant Wayne
    Melanie Jane
    Raymond John
    Raymond John
    Vera Sylvia
    Wilfred John
    Brett Lincoln
    Valerie Dawn
    Desmond Rex
    Dorothy jean
    Roy Alfred
    Luigi Geno
    Angelica Jels
    Tony Luke
    Pamela Flora MacDonald
    Gerald Edward
    John Peter
    Johannes Petrus Antonius
    Noel Thomas
    Florence Louisa
    Noel Lewis
    James Norman
    Patricia Anne
    James Norman
    James Norman
    Patricia Anne
    James Norman
    Cahal James
    Mary Ann
    James Kearney
    Christina Maria
    Pauline Lucinda
    Oliver Christopher

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