Declaration of Living Status

Lodgement Form

    I the undersigned certify that the information indicated on this form is true and accurate. I further certify that the Declaration of Living Status is to be recorded by the People’s Court of Terra Australis for preservation in the Book of Deeds.

    ‚ÄčI understand that by submitting this declaration online, I have agreed to the electronic autograph below and that this application shall have the same legal effect as if made under oath. I am also aware that by submitting false information on this application I would be guilty of committing perjury, for which I may be prosecuted. I accept full liability for this submission.

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    Given Name
    abdul amir
    Kynan Aleksander
    Ania Maria
    Michael Tadeusz
    Ronan Michael
    Ania Maria
    Michael Tadeusz
    Jillian Anne
    Jacob Kaimahi
    Kerry Lea
    Alma Jean
    Ronald Duhs
    Jeremy Edward Leonard
    Susan Beryl Leanora
    Edward Gregory
    Denis Patric Hamilton
    Avril Helen Gertrude
    Michael Francis
    Raewyn Clare
    Margaret Mary
    Raewyn Clare
    Margaret Mary
    Johannes Jacobus Jos
    Elizabeth Maria
    Jacobus Jahannes
    Genevieve Bridgette
    Lynnellen Therese
    Brendan Patrick
    Robyn Maree
    Gerard Francis
    Nathan James
    Gail Mary
    Kenneth James
    Andrew James
    Leanne Maree
    Grant Andrew
    Adam John
    Francine Elizabeth
    Graeme John
    Bruce Alexander
    Barbara Millie
    John Campbell
    Megan Grace
    Kim Michelle
    Thomas Edward
    Lachlan James
    Kim Michelle
    Thomas Edward
    Dashlan North
    Simone Louise
    Hugh Vaughan
    Diane Carol
    Catherine Ann
    Mark Lawerence
    Belinda Ann
    Rita Celine
    John Charles
    Charles Maher
    Jerome John
    Michael Vincent
    Phyllis Jean
    Paul Anthony
    michael robert
    joan gertrude
    thomas yarwood

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