End the Discrimination

We, the people of this land, acknowledge the destruction of our economy, lives and livelihoods as a direct result of the “COVID-19 Pandemic”. The people are yet to see evidence of such a “pandemic” from an independent source supporting the mandates and lockdowns.

The living men, women and children have been discriminated against for protecting their right to bodily autonomy and hereby support the reinstating of sacked or suspended employees and students, compensation for those affected by job loss, lockdowns and deaths, all the positions and freedoms we, the people, have lost to be returned.

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    Cheryl-Anne Hill
    Zoltan Szivek
    Belinda Rochelle
    Adriana Luisa
    Simon Horsfall
    Jon Fletcher
    Christine Anne
    Jenece Robyn
    Jenece Robyn
    Maria Theresia
    Michael Graham
    Donna Marie
    Levi Sampson
    Melissa Jane
    leslie horton
    Melanie Jane
    Sarita Mae
    Derrick Charles
    Carolyn gray
    Carolyn joan